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Many successful businesses use after-sales service strategies to grow their business. This also helps to maintain a long term relationship between the service provider and the customer, making them feel like coming back for more business with you. Providing a good after-sales service can also encourage your customers to refer your services to their friends / business partners.

After-sales includes providing a good customer support. Following up your customer is also a good thing, asking them if everything is okay to the service you have provided them. Through this, you can make them feel that you value them.

When customers contact you, answer them politely and provide an accurate response. If you don’t know the right response, ask someone in your team who knows the answer. You can also provide information on your website because most of the customers won’t contact you directly for after-sales service, they will likely to search online for your website and look for answers there.

Turn complaints into compliments by providing solutions and  by giving them perks for bringing up the issues. You can also have a “talk to the manager” policy in place for your staff to follow. If customers phone or visit with problems, make sure your staff know that you or your manager are happy to deal with them directly.

Reward customers for contacting you with problems. Offer them enhanced service or a discounted product to thank them for bringing their issue to your attention. Always encourage your customers to bring their concerns about your business to you, instead of others.

A good after-sales service can boost your business.